A downloadable game for Windows

My submission for the Ludum Dare 35. The theme was "Shapeshifting". I made a brawler where the players can change of form, each having different capacities.

Some bugs, obviously. Missing shapes 3 & 4 too, and don't go out of the ring. You'll fall. Seriously.

The two shapes are :

- The bruiser : first attack melee, second is a stomp that deal damage in a zone around him

- The shooter : first attack is a projectile, second is a jump. During the jump the shooter can't be damaged.

There are transformers to change shape on the left and the right of the ring.

More information

Published230 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, brawler, broken, Local multiplayer
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers
Player count2 - 4
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer

Install instructions

Download the zip and unzip in a folder where you want to install the game. Then run the .exe file.

There could be 4 players max.

The keyboard config is the following :

  • A - left
  • D - right
  • W - up
  • S - down
  • K - Fire1
  • L - Fire2

The joypad config may vary, but on an Xbox pad, I use A for Fire1 and B for Fire2

You can pause / unpause the game with the Escape key

No walls, so out of the camera, you'll fall. Didn't had the time to fix it.


Morphighters-BUILD.zip (10 MB)